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By Any Media Necessary works in collaboration with ongoing projects, teachers, artists, organizers, and schools to create comprehensive lessons around engaging entertainment media, music, documentaries, plays, and more. Additionally, the following workshops are available to be presented at conferences, in classrooms, or out of school time programs.

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Weapon of Choice

Young people, specifically youth with little access to resources or economy are the most systematically shut out of the mainstream dialogue. However, many youth are already involved in efforts to take back their communities in a variety of ways. The question is, what media do they have available to get out their message? This workshop can be delivered over a semester to a group of youth, or over two days to youth workers with the objective of training them to facilitate the workshop. Focusing on the BAMN Empowerment circle, this series of workshops is a youth focused process to provide young people with the tools and resources necessary to impact the media with their message.

You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That

This workshop is a basic media literacy training, specifically focused on how to identify your own sets of cultural values, and how to choose the media that you consume (from magazines to kicks) based on those values. This one time workshop can be expanded to fit the needs of diverse groups, and can also include a production component.

Me And My Girlfriend

This workshop looks at how pop-cultural media affects the romantic relationships between men and women in US society. What are the expectations that men and women have of one another? Where do these expectations come from? How do they affect us? How are GLBT communities portrayed? How do these portrayals affect our perspectives and views on ourselves and cultures that we may or may not be familiar with?

Fear of a Black Planet

How do the images of people of color in commercial media affect policies in communities of color? Where do we get ideas about communities that we’re not familiar with? How often are young people of color represented in a positive light in either news or entertainment media? What are the lasting effects of these images and the lack of positive images and mainstream role models in commercial media for young people of color?

The Blueprint

How can we strategically utilize media to create forums for diverse perspectives and priorities of diverse communities? Beyond choosing our media diets wisely and creating our own alternative media, what can we do on a daily basis to begin to shift the way that media in our culture functions in favor of a system that does not work for us? Learn basic tools for daily media justice.

Free Your Mind

How can understanding media help you to understand your world? How does the Matrix help to explain hegemony? What is hegemony anyway? Find out the answers to these and many other exciting questions in this interactive mind-shifting workshop.


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  1. Hi Cara,

    I met you last night on the train. I was with two of the students that I will be working with this year. What a wonderful thing that you are doing. I am a coordinator at Freedom House. I am very interested in getting together and talking about the possibility of doing some work together. Let’s talk soon!

    All the best,