By Any What?

Music, film, videos, online media, plays, poetry, performance, and other creative and performing arts are often an incredible spark in the hearts and minds of passionate, committed people. How many times have you left a movie only to spend the next few days talking to friends and family about ideas that it brought out in you? How many times have you heard a song that challenged your outlook on a particular issue? These are important sparks that often times have no gasoline to ignite them to education and ultimately, action. Here’s where we come in.

The mission of By Any Media Necessary is to provide interactive and engaging bridges from entertainment media to education and action. We do this by developing classroom curricula, lesson plans, forums, and action toolkits to provide youth, educators, activists, and organizers with the resources necessary to engage their communities in dialogue and action for a more just and sustainable world.

By Any Media Necessary is a call to arms for the 21st Century. Media Justice is the new civil right. Those without access to the mainstream media are being systematically kept from decision making powers in the media industry through lack of tools and resources, access to information, and 21st century skills. If action is not taken to educate everyone about how to consume and produce media, we will enter another generation wherein those who have the most privilege continue to be the ones who set the agenda for the rest of society. Television, radio, newspapers, film, books, online media— this is how our culture communicates. If we are not able to effectively use these tools, then we cannot communicate the needs and priorities of our communities, and will continue to be marginalized by the dominant ideology.


Everyone uses media. We get ideas from the media about who we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to act, what we should wear, listen to, eat, drink, enjoy, and what our priorities should be. Those priorities are set by the people who control the media.

About Cara Lisa PowersCara Lisa Powers, ACME National Conference 2006I hold an MA in Transformative Media Arts and a BA in Screen Studies with a focus on Urban Development/Social Change. I am a candidate for my doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change and Media Studies. Currently, I am a Co-Director of Press Pass TV, a youth video journalism organization in Boston. I have previously coordinated youth media programs in Boston, Lowell and Worcester.

I have presented workshops at UMASS Boston, Northeastern University, the City of Boston, the Boston Globe, Teen Voices Magazine, the Community Church of Boston, MIT, Simmons College, Champlain College, and for Oxfam America, and have performed at the Middle East, the Freedom House, the Hynes Convention Center, the 119 Gallery, Clark University, Cloud Place and the Prudential.


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  1. Hi Cara,

    This is an awesome website! What inspired you to create your own?

    I especially love the name of it, so clever! And, I am very impressed by the workshops you have given. I would love to see one sometime.

    Look forward to connecting soon,