Miley Come Back

So I was off of email and twitter for a few days, out of town, when I received a direct message text via twitter from someone I didn’t even know. It read: sign the twitition to get Miley back on twitter! Thus was I introduced to the hooplah surrounding the sudden deletion of Miley Cyrus’ Twitter account.

I certainly am not going to go out on the crazy limb that her father did, somehow trying to convince the 16-year-old starlet that her tweets are the shining light in the world (other than the last one that has been posted on every gossip rag on the internet, I have never seen a Miley tweet myself). Unlike her fans and her father, I really don’t care if she never tweets again, and if her somewhat amusing fake rap song (see above) is true, good for her for recognizing that she was obsessing about twitter instead of enjoying her life.

The only reason I care about the status of Miley Cyrus’ Twitter account is what it says to the millions of her female fans that read a tweet about her rumored boyfriend not liking her twitter, and then a half an hour later saw their Miley signal go dark. According to many sites, including the Wall Street Journal (yes, I said the Wall Street Journal), Miley’s last known tweet was:

“FYI Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.”

Then, poof, no more Miley tweets, apparently because her rumored love interest and co-star doesn’t like that she’s spending time tweeting. For anyone who’s ever had a loved one involved in an abusive relationship, this type of controlling behavior, and adherence to controlling behavior, is an early sign. I am not, I repeat am not, saying that Miley Cyrus is in an abusive relationship. I am saying that if my little sister was a prolific twitterer and then suddenly deleted her account because her new boyfriend didn’t like it, I would start keeping a very close eye on other aspects of their relationship. That a 19 year-old boy would even ask a new love interest to stop doing something that she enjoys is a sign of controlling behavior to come.

Obviously, I don’t know either of these two young people, and so I cannot say that there is anything unhealthy about their relationship. I can’t know if he even actually did tell her to delete her account, or if her tweet wasn’t about some joking conversation that she had. What I do know though, is that some 9 months ago another young starlet was beaten by her boyfriend to the point of hospitalization and we’re in the midst of an epidemic of domestic violence murders nationwide. We need to be teaching young women to be empowered, and young men to be partners. If the most famous 16 year-old girl in the country is being told what to do by her boyfriend, what does that say to the rest of them, or even their younger sisters?


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