Action Alert from Open Media Boston

Subject: Action Alert: Open Media Boston Ignored in Globe Article on Online News Publications – Public Responselogo

ACTION ALERT – 5/14/09

To the Boston area progressive community,

We don’t expect other Boston news media to mention us very often, since in some senses we’re a competitor.

However, it really drives us up the wall when another local news outlet runs an article on the new wave of online non-profit professionally-produced city-based news publications and not only doesn’t mention OMB, but also states that Boston does not yet really have such a publication.

Today’s Boston Globe Business section article by Johnny Diaz did just that. Which is frankly pretty insulting, and means that he just didn’t do his homework.

Check out the Globe piece here;

We therefore encourage you all to take a moment to help us demand the Globe correct the public record by giving OMB a reasonable plug sometime in the next few days. Either in the form of issuing a correction to the Diaz piece, or (better still) by doing a piece on us.

The best way to respond to Diaz and the Globe is to email him at and the Business section Assistant Managing Editor Shirley Leung at – and also to leave a comment to the Globe article online, using the provided link.

We’d appreciate it if you forward your responses to us at so we can keep a record of them.

Thanks in advance for any support, folks.


David Goodman, Jesse Kirdahy-Scalia and Jason Pramas
Open Media Boston;


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